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Create your own augmented reality

Meet the Ifox GO Virtual Assistant

Ifox Go is an intelligent camera that helps you see the invisible and incredible world of augmented reality (AR). You can see a promotion added by a fast food store, or a virtual assistant that gives you information at the Hotel about tourist spots or leisure times of the establishment. Ifox Go can find the best way in indoor navigation to reach its favorite store in a huge mall or even a supermarket department. Create your own AR experience, add a virtual assistant or whatever you want, be part of this world using your creativity and share your AR with the world.

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Indoor Navigation AR

Use Ifox Go to browse Shopping Centers and find the best route to get to your favorite store fast, use the camera to guide you with arrows in augmented reality and enjoy news along the way, store promotions and even interactive experiences. Use ifox to find the school department inside a mega market, or the fruit section, the indoor navigation system will guide you with the help of a virtual assistant and you can even ask the assistant to remember where your car was left at the Shopping so you don't waste time.

* Check the availability of Indoor Navigation at your location by the Ifox Go app itself. If the location does not have indoor navigation, suggest our team of highly trained robots by email

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Create a Virtual Assistant AR

You choose what your virtual assistant should look like and add it where it should appear to people. Add informational text or promotion, and your assistant will use your artificial intelligence system to speak and learn from the user. Don't waste time repeating the same subject or information to people, make available a virtual assistant who will speak for you in your store, restaurant, school, hotel or even condominium.*

* To add exclusive assistants contact Ifox and create your PRO assistant, send an email to

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Ads in AR

Create an exclusive AR ad, about a building launch, and do an interactive service so that you can see what the apartment will look like after it is ready, or an engine from a car working inside to be used in an Engineering class, and even a Human body in a medication class. You use your imagination, you create and we help you.

* To add exclusive AR contact Ifox and create your PRO assistant, send an email to

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Games AR

Ifox Go and Playfox Games create games with incredible Augmented Reality experiences. We created the famous Monster Ball GO, the Magic Go and FPS Invaders GO, with more than 10 million active users, with geolocation and Augmented Reality system, in addition to its own system that simulated Gyroscope on mobile phones not compatible with this technology. We bring the experience of gambling to millions of people. *

* To create an AR game contact us by email with details of your project